Winsta UWP (Instagram) gets new sharing UI, plus RAM/CPU improvements

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Winsta has gone through a number of updates since our last story and it's fair to say the development journey isn't over yet. But it's a fun ride to be on if you want to combine Windows 10 Mobile and Instagram - almost all aspects of the social service are implemented here and kept bang up to date with API changes.

Here's the changelog for v3.1.60, since the last time we featured Winsta UWP (for its big v3.0 rewrite):

  • Fixed refresh button visibility on Light Theme in PC
  • Updated new share dialog UI/UX
  • Updated Story viewers result UI to the new Winsta pop-ups (including Poll, Sliders and Questions view) - all powered by UWP Popup Toolkit
  • Added support for viewing story poll results after voting
  • Fixed some bugs in Directs view
  • Fixed some bugs in new story viewers/results dialog
  • Enhancement in RAM/CPU usage

As ever, some screenshots to help out:


The most obvious change is the share UI. Tap to share a post (such as this one by Rafe meeting a new duck!) and there's a floating UI that pops up from the bottom, offering your favourite contacts (swipe up for more) and other suggestions, along with a text field for you to comment on the image. All very swish.

Winsta UWP has a very active developer and there's an Insider user community here on Telegram. (Access the latter through Unigram Mobile Messenger UWP!) See you there?

There's a lot to like about Winsta, it's a breath of fresh air - you can directly encourage the developer by buying Winsta, since it's a couple of quid in the Microsoft Store. Go on, if you want to see this updated further, buy the developer a cup of coffee in this way...

See also the official Instagram PWA, which works very well (apart from notifications) under Windows 10 Mobile.