NexDock Touch review - the video version

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Having reviewed the NexDock Touch here formally, including the discovery that minor electronic changes have meant the lapdock is now marginal for Lumias (though not the IDOL 4 Pro and HP Elite X3), I now present my video version, demonstrating the touchscreen UI on Android, at least. Would I recommend the accessory? Well, do watch for my expanded verdict!

As usual with videos, click through to YouTube if you want more resolution and more quality:

From my verdict:

If the use cases mentioned fired your imagination - the thought of being free of a desktop OS and living on your phone with the NexDock Touch as an extender, as a hub, as an enabler - then this is for you. On the other hand, if you're happy with a lightweight Windows laptop, Macbook or Chromebook, or even just occasional Bluetooth keyboard use, when being a 'road warrior', then that's also fine - the NexDock Touch won't save you any space in your briefcase and may even be bigger and heavier. 

It's all a matter of how you want to work, and where your data lives.

Good stuff. Personally, between Bluetooth keyboards, the NexDock Touch, my Surface Go, my Surface Pro, my Macbook and various Windows laptops around the house, I'm spoiled for choice, which is partly why I'm dithering on a verdict. It really DOES depend on how you like working. Comments welcome if you think you'll be getting one of these.

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Source / Credit: YouTube