Next up... the Lumia 1020 trounces the iPhone 12 Pro Max?!

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YouTube channel WillItBeatNokia has put up an interesting imaging comparison between the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the ProRAW upgrade and the venerable Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView - it's really well done, with 1:1 crops included, and shot in all modes and all light conditions. And... long story short, the Lumia 1020 wins. A 2013, i.e. seven year old phone camera beating out the Apple flagship of 2020. Gulp. Mind you, having watched it, I think the scoring is slightly biased in favour of the Nokia, plus I do think that it's Apple's own image processing choices (over-sharpening, edge enhancing, etc) which have proved its own worst enemy here. Just as in my own tests against the Lumia 950. Apple surely, surely is listening to all the feedback from reviewers - dial back the processing a notch!

As usual, start playing and then click the YouTube video for maximum resolution and quality:

From the description, here are the timecodes:

The tests are all well chosen and shot, I like the professional approach. But even as a fan of natural PureView processing and a critic of the over-sharpened iPhone 2020 processing, I do think scoring was a little generous for a couple of the test cases. Your comments welcome though.

I guess it's just impressive that a 2013 (classic) smartphone camera can compete at the highest level in 2020. But, to be honest, if the OS and applications still worked fully I'd still keep the 1020 around here too.

PS. I do have a 1020 still, of course, so maybe I could do my own 1020/12 Pro Max shootout under my usual comparators? Anyone up for that?

Source / Credit: YouTube