Recalling the Lumia 1020 - Apple ProRAW imaging compared

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Having shot several shootouts here on AAWP with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, comparing against the Lumia 950 XL, it struck me that the new ProRAW capture facility on the series reminded me most of the Lumia 1020, back in 2013, with its unique reframe facility from an underlying high quality original. So that's the premise below, in my latest Phones Show video, looking at what ProRAW gets you on the phone, by way of comparison with how things used to work on my beloved Lumia 1020...

Note that the basis for my video script here was my original AAWP article on ProRAW - here shortened and adapted for a different medium(!)

As usual with video embeds, for maximum resolution (you need 1080p for the image crops included), start the video playing and then click on YouTube to go through to the full video/site:

Comments welcome - there's a lot to like with what Apple has done here, and in my opinion the 12 Pro Max here currently leads the world in terms of possible image quality.

Source / Credit: YouTube