Windows 10X on the venerable Lumia 950 XL?

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Now, don't get too excited. After all, the whole Windows 10 on ARM on the 950 XL project did kind of run into a brick wall in terms of having zero support for the PureView camera. And I suspect we'll see much the same here, but... Windows 10X is the stripped back, streamlined, future of Windows and here it is being ported semi-successfully to the 950 XL, the phone that refuses to die!

From Twitter:

Gustave is quite clearly the man in terms of this sort of hacking, so make sure you follow him on Twitter if you want to keep track of progress.

But - as I say - this will never be a useable day to day smartphone. The complexities in creating such a thing are enormous, and it only takes a single aspect that's broken (SIM, camera, speaker, etc.) and the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down in terms of usability. Plus the UI has compromises on a much smaller screen that it was designed for, of course.

Still, all power to Gustave and his programming prowess!