Windows 10X on the Lumia 950 XL - again (video!)

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A few days ago the first news broke of a successful port of the ultra-modern Windows 10X  onto the venerable Lumia 950 XL - Gustave, the man behind it all and a hacking genius, has now put up video proof, which is worth a watch. Cellular support, display rotation, and multi-tasking, are just three of the major aspects which now work on the phone, though do note that there's zero camera support yet. In addition, the 950 XL, understandably, runs Windows 10X quite slowly. There's enough lag to prevent this ever being a daily workhorse. But as a plaything and a middle finger up to Microsoft for dropping Windows 10 Mobile? Heck yes!!

Here's the video, re-hosted on YouTube via MSPowerUser's channel, note that it's rough and ready and that there's no commentary:

MSPowerUser notes:

If you have a spare Lumia 950XL in a drawer and want to join him, you can read our post on installing the OS here. It would likely be wiser, however, to wait for a fresher release as many of the issues in the old ROM has now been solved.

The lack of camera support is a dealbreaker for most people, of course. Clearly there are drivers needed, but surely there exist ways of reverse engineering the API, even if only to tie them in to the standard Windows Camera app?

All good fun, of course!

Source / Credit: YouTube