Conjoined is best. And these ROCKJAWs are cheaper than ever...

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Back in 2019 I reviewed the ROCKJAW T5 UltraConnect headphones. High quality reference sound with tuning filters, four sets of tips, including COMPLY, magnetic clasp, large battery with over 10 hours of listening on a charge, physical media controls for convenience, Type C charging, lifetime warranty, I was very impressed. And this was at £70. They're now just over £50, which is an outright bargain. (Ignore the 'Limited time' bit, the manufacturer assures me that you have plenty of time in practice.)


From my original conclusion:

Overall, it's hard to fault the T5 Ultra Connect: the audio quality, the number of tip/fit options, the Type C charging, the excellent battery life. It's a modern and all-encompassing audio-on-the-move solution and it's been my go-to wireless headphones for three months.

Make that two years. For in-bed and train listening, these have been my top picks for absolutely ages. 

Anyway, I thought the new price of just over £50, which includes signature delivery for free, was well worth mentioning.

Source / Credit: ROCKJAW