More on that Mi 11 Ultra: a liquid lens?

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Kicking off an hour after this is posted, is the Xiaomi launch of smartphones with - possibly - the world's first 'liquid lens', mimicking the way the human eye focusses. That's one of the rumours. See the live stream below, which will hopefully work after the event too, for catch-up purposes. Given my positive write-up of the Mi 11 in the last week, these phones and their cameras are very definitely of interest. [Update: the 'liquid lens' was a no-show, but the Mi 11 Ultra is still mightily impressive, watch this space for more on this.]

All good stuff, I'm sure. I've been so impressed by Xiaomi's restrained and intelligent image processing the last 12 months, so more imaging flagships are very welcome indeed.

Source / Credit: YouTube