The Mi Mix Fold's 'hidden' Android desktop mode

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YouTube blogger Ben has the new Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold... plus an extra feature that's not supposed to be out yet. For some reason, Xiaomi's built-in desktop mode can be activated on his device (though not on most other consumer ROMs for this folding phone/tablet). It's captured on video above - and I'm torn about the usefulness on such a small screen. Yes, it's supremely cool, but then so are traditional tablet multi-window systems, which use the space more efficiently. The crux will come if this can be plugged into a monitor, keyboard and mouse, Continuum/DeX style, at which point we have yet another major Android manufacturer having a desktop-enabled UI for their smartphone.

From YouTube:

In fairness to Xiaomi, the use of element size and fonts seems decent and manageable, here via touch or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but I'd still rather see this work over a Type C cable to an HDMI monitor or lapdock.

What do you think?

PS. Although this isn't live in released firmware for the Mi Mix Fold globally, it does seem as this is inevitable, so a lot more people should be able to play with it. The Mi Mix Fold software does seem quite early, as evidenced in Michael Fisher's review embedded below. So early days for this 'third' folding phone set-up.

Source / Credit: YouTube