Apple's magnetic battery pack now available worldwide

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The idea of a snap on battery or charger has always been an enticing one. We’ve seen all manner of battery cases for Lumias, Android flagships, and then Apple’s own rubberised humped versions. But with Apple going all in on magnets for their iPhone 12 series, we have the possibility of an official* Qi charging battery accessory that sticks to the phone magnetically.

* there have been numerous third party attempts here, perhaps we'll get one or more in for review.

From the Apple product page:


Now, less than 1500mAh capacity for £100 is patently insane, however clever the magnets and passthrough charging. But this accessory is designed to fit a niche. Those who use their iPhone 12 series 'naked' (i.e. without a case) or with an official MagSafe case, and who wish to have an emergency top-up gadget in their bags.

The 'top up' aspect is important, since the capacity is so low (1460mAh is about 1100mAh 'delivered') that all it can do on most iPhones is to keep a dying battery going for a few more hours, e.g. for the rest of an evening out. And, while it will indeed do that, there are gadgets that are almost as portable and yet deliver far more power and capacity, all for a fraction of the price. So, as usual with Apple, you're paying a hefty premium for a little extra convenience.

I was going to buy this in for review, but the stats/value proposition are so appalling (IMHO) that I'll let others dip into their wallets first!

There are no video reviews yet, but there's a good overview here:

Source / Credit: Apple