You can now search All About Mobile!

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Ah yes. Since All About Mobile launched, four months ago, search has been poor at best - the Google search system used wasn't ideal and results were almost all Google adverts. That has now changed and Rafe has implemented a better system. You can use the search box top right on the desktop or further down the flowing page on Mobile and, with luck, you should get back sensible results. See the screenshots below.

Also of note is that we're not just talking about four months of content to search, as we went back and tagged relevant content from the last three years of 'All About' content, so hopefully you'll find plenty of matches for what you're looking for. (If you're after Windows phone stuff then probably best to search AAWP, of course!)

Here's the search box in action on the Desktop. You'll get quick matches, which can be clicked if you like, or press 'Go' for the full set of article matches:


Results are indeed powered by Google still, but mercifully free of adverts. Phew!


Enjoy the search and we hope you're enjoying All About Mobile. You can support us generally by using the site and linking to or sharing articles on social media.

Also, from the launch post:

As ever, the concept behind the All About sites is to have long form features, comment and reviews published throughout the month, with short 'Flow' stories making sure that you don't miss any really interesting snippets from around the web. The All About sites have never been about leaks or speculation, or about trying to be a definitive tech news source. Instead, I/we aim for the de facto site motto:

'Interesting, Insightful, and Informed'

There's also a brand new Twitter account @AA_Mobile, which is worth following, to make sure you don't miss a new story. Plus a RSS news feed for AAM, should you use a news feed reader (e.g. Feedly). Again, do note that there's some tweaking still going on behind the scenes, so don't expect everything to work from day one!

We've featured several guest authors over the years and would welcome others - if you have something to say that's relevant then please do drop Steve a line at - and see your name in lights!

Enjoy! Note that there are still a few glitches and inconsistencies, which Rafe will be addressing in due course.

PS. I also have a tip jar.