Video review of the NexDock 360 (DeX/Continuum)

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You'll have perhaps read my full review of the NexDock 360 here, and note that I've also added the video below to that URL, for convenience. Here then is my video take on the NexDock 360's functions, with examples from DeX, Continuum, and simple HDMI-out 'projection'. It's just about the most versatile phone accessory on the planet, I reckon!

See what you think, anyway. I've decided to hang onto this - the curious thing is that although the specs indicate that weight and size are only about 15% down on the previous NexDock Touch, in the bag and in the hand the difference feels bigger. The 360 is definitely something that I'd carry around on any non-trivial trip. With this, I don't need to carry a separate hub - or tablet, for example. And in some cases I might not even need to bring a laptop at all.

It's a niche accessory still, to be sure, but if you have that need, then it's damn useful. Just watch those screen settings!!

Source / Credit: YouTube