Next generation MagSafe and portless iPhones

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We've been hearing about Apple going 'port-less' for the iPhone for a few years, but it's yet to happen, mainly for inertia reasons. However, my spidey-sense tells me that we're getting closer. I'm predicting a port-less iPhone 15 in 2023, i.e. 18 months from now. Far better waterproofing, less things to go wrong for users, more space for battery inside, it's in theory a win-win for everyone. But what about use cases where data needs to be transferred quickly? AirDrop over Wifi is very good here, but what about to non-AirDrop-compatible devices and what about when diagnostic work is needed and the phone isn't fully functioning? YouTube channel has some answers, see the video below. I think MaxTech is onto something and that the generation of MagSafe 'pucks' will provide a fast, wired data connection to computers, whether through optical or ultra-wideband channels.

See what you think:

The only reason I ever plug my own iPhone 12 Pro Max into my Mac is to do a full Apple Music library sync, and I agree that this is somewhat old-school - most people stream music from the cloud. But solutions like this, with data built-in, should cope with even my ancient habits, yet without a Lightning or Type C port in sight.

All very thought provoking - I'd previously thought that Apple would go down a 'pogo pin' route, as in the original MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power connectors. But not having these pins (or jacks) at all is even better, if Apple can pull it off. Slap the magnetic next-gen puck on the back of the iPhone and the other end of the cable (probably Type C) sees a traditional wired connection through to iOS.


Source / Credit: YouTube