The top 5 best mobile navigation systems with offline capability

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Car site Auto Evolution has put up a useful list of mobile navigation applications (i.e. for your smartphone, as well as, in some cases, your car) that have 'offline maps' capability. As featured for years in Nokia Maps, which then evolved into HERE Maps and then forked (ahem) into Windows 10 Maps. But you know the deal - lose cell coverage and your mapping app on your phone is still able to navigate you to a destination. Perhaps with no traffic awareness, perhaps with less POI, but it all does still work. There are a variety of free and paid applications and services, and the article summarises them well.

From the article:

When it comes to its navigation component, however, Google Maps is a superstar. This is the reason it has millions of users every day, as it offers new-gen features such as live traffic information, fuel-efficient routes, and many other options you won’t find elsewhere.

One of the best things about Google Maps is offline support. With this feature, Google allows you to continue enjoying its navigation capabilities without an Internet connection. This obviously comes in handy when data coverage is not available, no matter if we’re talking about a tunnel or a limited mobile plan that makes it harder to use an online navigation app.

But of course, Google Maps isn’t the only app out there with support for offline maps, so if for some reason you’re now looking for an alternative, here are the best five you can try out today.

The article then goes on to summarise:

  • Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps
  • OsmAnd Maps
  • TomTom Go
  • HERE WeGo Maps and Navigation

Worthy of a bookmark. Me? They're all worth bearing in mind, but the paid services are a real stretch considering that Google Maps is free. While the likes of OsmAnd Maps can fill in off-road mapping scenarios, hiking, cycling, etc.

PS. [Steve] I'm planning my own deep dive into OsmAnd Maps in the near future. Thanks for the Flow, Ted!

Source / Credit: AutoEvolution