Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs Surface Duo 2, in depth on video

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It's a pretty fair test, really. Take a Microsoft Surface Duo 2 user and swap out the device for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for a few weeks. What will they miss, what will they come to appreciate? And will they want to go back? I've already expressed my own thoughts on foldables, but in the video below, Juan Carlos Bagnell goes through this exact experiment and comes up with a pretty fair evaluation. Plus, a bonus link - it turns out that Ewan Spence (yes, he of this parish many years ago) has also been bitten by the Duo bug, albeit sticking with the recently upgraded original for now.

Here's JCB, a.k.a. 'somegadgetguy' across the Internet:

It's a fair verdict and mirrors my own thoughts after using both devices (albeit the Samsung only briefly). Again, see my previous feature.

Now, you may remember Ewan Spence, who wrote for the All About sites from 2002 through to about 2013? He's been writing for Forbes for well over a decade now and it turns out that he's also ended up on a Surface Duo, the original one, and has been writing about his experience. One note before you click the link though - the Forbes site is an advert and pop-up fest, so approach with your ad-blocker set to 'full'!

The Duo concept does work, it’s close enough to the phone experience to ensure app compatibility but its far enough away to make a new class of device. In use the Duo software is closer to a Windows 11 experience than it is to a flagship smartphone experience, and that’s the success of the vision.

I tell you it's a trend!