(Definitive) Surface Duo vs Surface Duo 2

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These are crossover devices for our time, certainly across AAWP and AAM - the Microsoft Surface Duo and Duo 2, with the best of Microsoft and most of the best of Android. A year apart and significant purchase/outlay apart, it's no surprise that the Duo 2 is the overall better device, but the original Duo still has a few unique plus points. To catalogue everything though, Duo expert Shane Craig has posted the definitive video comparison between the two, covering performance, design, interface, imaging, and battery.

Here's Shane's video, you'll want to grab a drink, since it's half an hour long!

In terms of a verdict, Shane pretty much leaves it to you, the viewer, but he demonstrates so much live on camera that it'll hopefully be an easy decision either way. It'll certainly save you trying to find either or both devices in a shop to get hands-on!

PS. See also my own Surface Duo 2 review.

Source / Credit: YouTube