Android 13 beta and demo

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With less than two weeks to go until Google's annual shindig, pieces are starting to fall into place. Including the first public beta of Android 13, though note that you need not apply unless you have a fairly recent Pixel to experiment with. There's not a vast amount that's obviously new (though Shane Craig does a good job of picking out highlights in the video embedded below), but newer is usually better, plus the multi-pane UI and taskbar from '12L' are also here - we're expecting devices like the Surface Duo and Duo 2 to get an official Microsoft build of 12L in the next few months, and I'll report back when that happens.

A brief summary of Android 13 from PhoneScoop:

Android 13 has reached the public beta phase on the road toward a final release some time after July. Android 13 Beta 1 is available now for eligible Pixel phones. The first preview release was made available to developers in February. It introduced a new photo picker, themed app icons, and better quick settings tiles for third-party apps. The new Beta 1 introduces more granular permissions for media file access. This means that apps requesting access to your audio files will not also be granted access to your photos and videos, for example. Google promises they will have "more to share" about Android 13 at next month's Google I/O event starting May 11th.

And here's Shane's walkthrough/demo:

I do have a spare Pixel, but I'm more focussed on tracking bug fixes to production Android 12. 13 will thus roll out here in the Autumn as per the usual schedule.

Source / Credit: YouTube