Gallery: NexDock 360

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Onto their fourth generation of lapdock now, and keeping alive the Continuum vision, NexDock is persevering through pandemics, industry changes, and component shortages. This is the NexDock 360, just in for review, a Continuum/DeX (etc.) lapdock that adds an extra twist to 2020's NexDock Touch. Here's my first impressions and hands-on gallery, with both Lumia and Samsung as host phones, the full review will follow.

Happily, I still have the NexDock Touch for direct comparison, though note that this is no longer available to buy new. Also, note that the NexDock 360 is now $370, after a pre-order period at $270, so we're talking about an accessory that has ended up fairly pricey. As to whether it's worth it, you'll have to wait for my review. In fairness, we're now talking about a product post-Covid and produced with huge supply chain constraints, so higher prices are appearing for tech right across the board.

As a reminder, the NexDock range acts as a HDMI monitor and integrated full keyboard and trackpad, turning a smartphone into a laptop, effectively, and adding extra ports and slots along the way. The 360 model adds extra use cases with its 'tent' and tablet modes, letting you use it more effectively for media watching or taking notes, respectively.

I'll comment on the quality of the display, speakers, ports, and so on, in my full text and video reviews.

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