Surface Duo 2: Michael Fisher's long term review

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Fresh from his detailed look at DeX and Continuum, Michael Fisher has turned his polished attention to the Surface Duo 2, which he's been using on and off now for the best part of half a year. With his usual wealth of b-roll and demo footage, it's a fun watch and the conclusion seems pretty balanced - this isn't a smartphone you can casually recommend, but the sheer number of things it can - almost uniquely - do makes it well worth considering, at least.

As noted in the comments on YouTube, there was one error in the video - the SwiftKey keyboard should indeed span the whole of the lower screen in 'laptop' mode - and does this by default on my (recently reset) Duo 2 - but Michael had something tweaked in Settings, explaining the split keys in the footage.

I'd also like to suggest that more camera testing is needed after the last major (March) update, a fortnight ago, since the Camera application is now very responsive and I've been very happy with results from all three lenses - it's possible that Michael was basing this section of his video on the February firmware.

The changes to the Duo 2 in software have been so significant that I'll update my own initial review or perhaps do a 'long term' review here at some point. Maybe after April's update, which would make it a full six months since launch etc.

Source / Credit: YouTube