PitlaneOne updates and the closing section of the 2021 F1 season

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Last covered back in March, PitlaneOne is a great UWP application for Windows. Including Windows 10 Mobile, for Lumias, etc. In fact, it's insanely great, which is why I thought I'd round up some of 2021's updates and highlight a few more of its features. In short, it's just about the best (free) way to keep track of the end of 2021's Formula 1 racing season. And did I mention that it's also available these days for iOS and Android?

The changelog since March from developer Sebastian is small, but worth including here for completeness:

  • Added 'on the fly' calendar updates
  • Improved image support for news feeds
  • Fixed crash due to Calendar entries being listed as 'to be confirmed'
  • Further database updates

The aim, as always, is to be an unofficial but definitive guide to Formula 1, using updated databases (from the developer) and official feeds and APIs, so that PitlaneOne is all you need to follow the sport. First of all, here's PitlaneOne (Store link) running on my Lumia 950 XL:


The familiar home screen, tiled (hey, this is Windows, after all), with panes for calendar, news, drivers, and so on; (right) diving into the news to scan the F1 headlines...


For some reason images weren't working on this particular story, but no matter, the text content is all there; (right) looking back and forwards through the race calendar...


For each race, full practice, qualifying and race timings are available in gory detail; (right) in Settings, did you know that there's a 'do not spoil' mode for those with live tiles which might give the result away before you've watched the highlights on terrestrial TV?(!)


Browsing the teams and drivers, with handy direct Twitter links to each, so that you can follow your favourites. And by marking them as such you can optionally highlight just them on PitlaneOne's home screen.


Calendar reminders are terse but functional - making sure you don't miss commentary or coverage of any live action.


And here PitlaneOne UWP is installed on my Surface 2-in-1 and it rescales and runs perfectly...

In fact, given all this attention to detail and given the age of the Lumia and indeed the gradual ageing of the UWP system itself, you won't be surprised to learn that Sebastian has also been porting PitlaneOne to both the iOS App Store (see the screenshots below) and the Android Play Store (links go direct to the app, etc.) 


From opening wizard and tutorial through detailed Settings (including keeping the screen from powering off when in Live mode) and then news and race information, it's all here, despite the new interface for iOS. And all in Ferrari red, or is that just my imagination?

All very impressive. Yes, there's the official F1 (largely paid) application on both modern phone OS, but if you want something small, simple and free then PitlaneOne just keeps getting better and better - whatever your smartphone (or indeed desktop) of choice.