Review: UGREEN Travel Organiser Bag


While utterly generic, I have a soft spot for 'gadget bags', as I call them. My go-everywhere briefcase has been filled in recent times with a myriad of cables and adapters - and this £17 UGREEN organiser bag arrived for review at exactly the right time. See the photos below - my wires have never been so easy to find and hard to lose!

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Yes, yes, new features are still largely broken on the All About sites. But I can still post News and Reviews. In the latter category, this follows on from my review of UGREEN's HiTune X6 buds and their also excellent four way high current 100W charger. They also sent this organiser bag across and it has proved an excellent addition to my kit-case, replacing about three other cheap mini-bags.

UGREEN organiser bag

There's no faulting the materials, with durable plastic weave and really tough branded zips that look like they'll last a lifetime. Both zips are two-handed, i.e. can be opened from either end, sealing closed each of the two main compartments:

UGREEN organiser bag

Of course, quite what one might put in each of the straps and mesh compartments shown is a personal affair - below I've shown my personal 'first cut', but doubtless things will get moved around through monthly use. I do seem to have an inordinate number of small adapters and USB memory disks, so they all ended up together, plus I have bulky adapters for Type C and Lightning to HDMI and to other standards, and these needed a bit of lateral thinking!

UGREEN organiser bag

Bulkiest of all are my longer leads and generics like HDMI extensions - and I ended up having to leave behind Ethernet and mains cabling, since all of that just took up too much room. And none of this is helped by my insistence in going for 2m leads rather than 1m, where possible, for greatest flexibility, and also going for bulkier but more durable braided cables:

UGREEN organiser bag

Looking on the UGREEN site, it seems that one option for the larger zipped compartment, bottom right in the photos, is for an iPad mini, but if I need a tablet experience on the move then I normally just unfold my Surface Duo 2, which is pocketable. More room for cables then!

At £17, this is great value, I contend. The plastic weave should last a lifetime, won't show the dirt, and it'll hold just about anything you need to organise.

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